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Pink Street Boys Iceland

Pink Street Boys Islandia is an article by Jordi Pujolá, Spanish writer in Iceland, the interview was done at the venue of Secret Solstice 2018, with the support of  Icelandic Mountain Guides, 15% off in all the day tours using code ESCRITOR2018

The aim of this project is to put in contact Icelandic and Spanish cultures

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Pink Street Boys Iceland

Icelandic band from Kopavogur (Reykjavik) neighbours of Blaz Roca (read interview), they formed in 2013

Pink Street Boys refers to the street where the band rehearses, an industrial area surrounded by tall ugly buildings and fast food restaurants

First they met only to drink beers and play some music as well, nowadays they are a successful band and won several prizes, among them the one for the loudest band in Iceland (it´s true, I went without my earplugs, stayed on the first line for the whole concert and I almost died, but pleasantly). They are noisy and look wild on stage, but they are honest and nice guys  in real life

Pink Street Boys Iceland

I compare them with The Ramones, please check the videos and Spotify songs. You will come a fan as me

Pink Street Boys Islandia público variado Secret Solstice
Pink Street Boys Iceland everyone dancing

It was a nice surprise on Friday the 22nd June (Secret Solstice 2018). I didn´t know anything about them, but some other bands I was interviewing to (for example Vicky) told me dont´t miss them!

They play hell garage rock. I really like their shoegazers outlook. Read the interview with the Icelandic guitarist Halldór Már

Even though their outlook is very cool (a mix of cowboys Texas and angel´s hell), they don´t care about fashion, they just come to the stage and shot the audience. In the beginning, people stared at them  a bit shocked, but later, with some beers, started nodding their heads (me too)

Pink Street Boys Islandia Axel Bjornsson entrevista Jordi Pujolà
Pink Street Boys Iceland Axel Björnsson: Who are you?

They changed the name of band three times:  Kid Twist and Dandelion Seed. Influences are by:  Singapore Sling, Darker my Love, The Vandelles, Godchilla, Skelkur í bringu, DJ Flugvél…

Pink Street Boys Islandia primera público Secret Solstice 18
Pink Street Boys Iceland: Girls also love them

Check their funny Instagram account @PastryBoys

Pink Street Boys Islandia la banda Secret Solstice concierto
Pink Street Boys Iceland very cool and nice guys

One thing about noisy bands is they are much nicer outdoor because the vibes can spread freely, Secret Solstice Gymly was the perfect spot

Pink Street Boys Islandia Jordi Pujolá en primera fila
Pink Street Boys Islandia en primera fila sin tapones

Members band Pink Street Boys Iceland

  • Axel Björnsson singer and guitar, he has that outstanding bear from he was 12 years old (ha ha), he loves baseball cups and cowboy hats (Don´t mess with Texas). As Arnór Dan from Agent Fresco (read the interview) told me, the most of the artists in Iceland don´t make a life from music, and Axel is a painter. When he got down from the stage, sweating and looking like a wild bear, I felt a bit shy of stopping him for the interview (I am a writer, I have no experience as a journalist), but he just smiled and accepted, the same with the other members (takk krakkar). I asked him about Spain and told me he loves the food, the good weather and chip price for beers (I agree, very important point)

    Pink Street Boys Islandia Axel Björnsson en concierto 2018 Secret Solstice
    Pink Street Boys Islandia Axel Björnsson guitarra y vocales by Leana Clothier
  • Alfred Óskarsson (black hood) sings and plays percussions (awesome with tambourine), he is tall, slim, with long hair, sun glasses and wears Iron Maiden T-shirts. Despite his fiery look, he´s also very nice and courteous guy. You see, they go down from the stage and are normal guys again. Alfred studied art, likes English football (Tottenham) and loves Spanish culture
Pink Street Boys Islandia Secret Solstice Alfred Ókarsson
Pink Street Boys Iceland backstage Secret Solstice with Alfred Ókarsson

The drummer went to jail in Thailand

  • Einar Björn Þórarinsson drummer, he actually doesn´t look like the typical Icelandic guy, he has dark skin and black hair, he likes NBA T-shirts (Bulls). The anecdote was he was able to hear some friends calling him (and waving) from the audience in the middle of a super noisy song, so he replied with a wave and smiled as well. He was also in a prison in Thailand. He was very original talking about Spain and remarked the Gaudi architecture. The first one no talking about food or weather, he has all my respect
    Pink Street Boys Islandia música grupo Einar Björn Þórarinsson
    Pink Street Boys Iceland Einar Björn Þórarinsson foto Iceland Monitor

    Pink Street Boys Islandia baile del público
    Pink Street Boys Iceland nodding heads
  • Jónbjörn Birgisson: singer, bass, guitar, he studied cinema and likes taking creepy pictures at night in their industrial neighbourhood, much better than David Linch

    Pink Street Boys guitarra Jónbjörn Birgisson Secret Solstice
    Pink Street Boys Iceland guitarist Jónbjörn Birgisson
  • Viðir Alexander Jónsson, singer, bass and guitar. He played sat down on the stage (see the picture below), firstly I thought he was handicapped, but no way; when they finished, he stood up and walked normally

    Pink Street Boys Islandia Viðir Alexander en el escenario
    Pink Street Boys Islandia Viðir Alexander Jónsson on the floor

Albums Pink Street Boys Iceland

  • Trash from the boys (2014)
  • Hits #1 (2015)
  • Smells like boys (2017)
Entrevista Pink Street Boys Islandia entrevista Secret Solstice
nterview Pink Street Boys Iceland Smells like boys

Pink Street Boys Iceland is an article by  Jordi Pujolá with the support of Secret Solstice y Icelandic Mountain Guides and Iceland Rovers (tailor trips)

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