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Interview rapper Blaz Roca

Interview rapper Blaz Roca is an interview by the Spanish writer and blogger Jordi Pujolà, the aim of this project is putting in contact Icelandic and Spanish cultures. Press this link to read interviews to Sjón, Hallgrímur Helgasson, Andri Snær Magnasson, Árni Þórarinsson…

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Pictures by Brynjar Snær

Interview rapper Blaz Roca always cigars and Secret Solstice
Interview rapper Blaz Roca smoking cigar in Secret Solstice

The naughty alter ego of Blaz Roca

Many Icelanders remember Blaz Roca as the rude guy who interviewed famous people on his popular TV show  Íslensk Kjötsupa

But that was not me, it was Johnny Naz, a sarcastic character I made up to ask stupid shitty questions at people

Blaz Roca (Erpur Eyvindarson 29th August 1977 Kópavogur) is the father of rap in Iceland, he started rapping with his older brother Sesar A and was the leader of the most famous rap band: XXX Rottweiler Hundar. His voice is just cool, he is very talented and has won many awards, for example Gold disc with the classic Kópacabana (Kópavogur + Copacabana). He lived in Cuba, smokes cigars, drinks rum and speaks Spanish

Interview rapper Blaz Roca award Kópacabana Gold Disc
Interview rapper Blaz Roca Gold Disc Kópacabana

Interview rapper Blaz Roca

  • You are one of the fathers of the rap in Iceland, how has the rap changed since you started?

The rap has changed on the non stop, plastically, through the years. It´s a young culture so we are still trying to get more control of how to use the voice and the flow, so lots of the changes have been technical, for example, the flow back in the 80´s (when my brother and I started) was much slower

Interview JóiPé x Króli

In the 90´s, the rap became faster (twista rap), more conscious, intelligent, it also changed  the topics, with more vocabulary, using lots of words and rhyme plays, so you had to be very technical, otherwise no one listened to you, you were dead or out of the window

Interview rapper Blaz Roca Secret Solstice Iceland rap
Interview rapper Blaz Roca big stage Secret Solstice

In the 2000- 2005 rap changes again and everybody is doubling themself down, everybody is sounding much more simple both the flows and the topics of the songs, the lyrics are copies of some other copies (the dataism on the field of arts), but on purpose

Interview Úlfur Úlfur

As an artist (he is also a painter (graphics, comics), sculptor, has a degree in animation…) I easily see the resembles of hip hop as an art form and the art in general. There are always cycles, ups and downs, and If something is too technical, it inevitably drops down. It´s tiring to see always the same

Interview rapper Blaz Roca

  • What do you think about the new generations?

In my opinion, nowadays the mainstream of the rap is naif, simple, childish… mumble rap; you see the examples on Lil Pump or Rich Chigga.

However, I am not criticizing them, this rap is just something else, art is open and new fresh ideas are always welcome. Live and leave live

  • Have you ever played in Secret Solstice? How was your experience? What makes different this festival different from some others?

I´have been playing every Secret Solstice since the beginning on the big stage,  It´s my favourite, I strongly recommend it

There are four main music festivals in Iceland:

  1. In the beginning of August many people go outside Reykjavik to the countryside for outdoor music festivals, I wouldn´t use exactly the word music festivals, just let´s get drunk festivals  and have some bands as well (playing twining anthems). This is a historical thing, classical tradition in Iceland,
  2. Sónar in February, but the program is mostly clubbing, little room for some other kind of artists
  3. Iceland Airwaves in November, really artistic, new and different bands, indie… but then, there are many bands I don´t necessarily connect with; and curtly  somebody starts playing like a float, doing some nerdy hipster things
  4. Secret Solstice Iceland has all the good qualities: outdoors, get drunk, clubbing, artistic, wide range of bands… It´s just the best
Interview rapper Blaz Roca with brother Sesar A
Interview rapper Blaz Roca with Sesar A
  • What are your favorite artists in Iceland?

There are many really good artists in Iceland:

  1. GKR. Do you now the song  Allt í lagi?
  2. Jóipé x Króli. Do you know the famous song BOBA?

Of course, Sir, I said. Both perform in Secret Solstice 2018. Don´t miss them!

And also Valby bros/33Mob (not really artistic but the representatives of the suburbs of Iceland, working class dudes)

And what about Emmsjé Gautier?

I helped him a lot when he started and we played together a song  on my disc Kópacabana. Now he´s established, he´s up there with the big boys. But I´m always searching for something really new, I´m trying to name you someone you don’t know as Blaffi Blackout, Krish…

  • Who is for you the best rapper in the world?

That is a very difficult question, how do we judge them?

Because the technical? good artist? entertainer? original? I can tell you the names of the ones who had more influence on me

Best rappers

  1. Rakim , he changed the rap, he is the father of the modern flowing: he is conscious, political, technical… amazing
  2. KOS1
  3. Paris
  4. Public Enemy (back when I was a teenager)
  5. Childish Gambino
  6. The Britt scene (London, Birmingham), for example JayKae

Those rappers on my opinion combine all these qualities

And what about Eminem?

Eminem is technically very good, and also conscious; however I prefer some others. But when you reach this top level, the rest is personal choice. He´s an extraordinary rapper and has influenced me a lot, but now is sober, he is doing AA, and often when people stop drinking and having drugs they have to rethink how they make music again, he´s still finding his way

Why won´t  you be in Secret Solstice this year?

Because I will do, as every Icelander should be doing, going to Russia to support our National Football Team. Otherwise I would be for sure in Secret Solstice Iceland 2018

  • Have you ever been to Spain? How did you like it?

I have been in Catalonia (Barcelona), Madrid, driving around Andalucia, the islands, Benidorm (playing in a bar club of tourists)…

I really like the food, specially Ibérico ham, and I love the culture of eating, drinking and talking for many hours; in the north, we tend to eat quickly and start automatically doing something else and drinking only for special occasions to get drunk

  • What about the Spanish culture?

I love the mix of cultures, from the gypsies, Arabs…, you can easily see it in Andalucia. I like the heat in the culture,  I like how easy is to relax in Spain

My favourite artists are from Cuba, Central America, Manuchao… I really like Spanish language in rap

  • How much earns an old good rapper in Iceland?
Interview rapper Blaz Roca salaries celebrities Iceland 2018
Interview rapper Blaz Roca salaries according Fréttablaðið

Interview rapper Blaz Roca is another interview by Jordi Pujolá, Spanish writer in Iceland (

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