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Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap

Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap is an interview by the Spanish writer in Iceland Jordi Pujolá, with the support of Icelandic Mountain Guides and Iceland Rovers, 15% using promo code ESCRITOR2018

The aim of this project is to put in contact Icelandic and Spanish cultures

Pictures by Leana Clothier @vinesunshine

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All the turism is in the south of Iceland and Golden Circle. We need to spread it to the whole country

Right now the mainstream of Icelandic music, as Arnór Dan (link the interview) leader of Agent Fresco band says, is the hip hop. Rap in Iceland is the king

Interview Ulfur Ulfur Iceland wolves of rap from the north
Interview Ulfur Ulfur Iceland the wolves of rap surprise

Ulfur Ulfur Iceland Rap Secret Solstice

I saw the shows and interviewed many bands in Secret Solstice (Aron Can, Jói Pé, Úlfur Úlfur…) all of them different, but with one thing on common: quality

One of the advantages of going to a festival such us Secret Solstice is you have the chance of discovering some new bands, Ulfur Ulfur was a pleasant surprise

Ulfur Ulfur rap Iceland raining Secret Solstice
Ulfur Ulfur rap Iceland dancing under the rain

The audience stayed until the last minute despite the rain and bad weather. One girl told me Arnar is the most handsome boy in Iceland

Ulfur Ulfur (Wolfs Wolfs) is an activist band famous for questioning anything, these two guys have nothing to do with drugs, money and eccentric women; their lyrics describe real social problems

Members Ulfur Ulfur Iceland

  • Helgi Sæmundur Guðmundsson (28th February 1988) he raps and sings, but is responsible for all the production. Helgi is the brain of the wolf

  • Arnar Freyr Frostason (29th February 1988) he is one of the fastest and technically talented rappers in the Icelandic scene. He is the mouth of the wolf and able to cheer up the dead from the grave. Arnar is on the verge of releasing a solo album and his fiancee is Salka Sól Eyfeld, singer of Amabadama and Reykjavikurdætur (Reykjavik daughters) (see video below), also in the Secret Solstice 2018 program
Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap backstage Secret Solstice 18
Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap in Secret Solstice 2018

Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap

The new generation of rappers in Iceland are amazing talented (and young). So young that they only have memories from Spain when they were 14 years old and went to the typical touristic spots with their parents

Helgi, well built and quit, says:

I went once to Barcelona with my parents. I remember the temperature was 40 ºC and we walked for the whole day and I was burning off

Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap Gimli Secret Solstice Reykjavik
Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap performing Sunday Gimli

Ulfur Ulfur in Spain

Arnar, slim, hair in ponytail:

I went to Albir with my fiancée, the typical tourist spot. Fortunately we rented a car and went to Valencia, it turned out to be the greatest stay, nice city, not the usual beach shit and fast food

The videos of Úlfur Úlfur are funny, ironic and describe the Icelandic folklore with some nostalgia: people in the countryside, old cars and fast food and candy. I asked if he had paella?

Yes, of course. I am not a huge fan, but it was good enough

I asked also for their favourite places in Iceland

Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap Arnar in action
Ulfur Ulfur Iceland rap Arnar cheering the audience up


I recommend spending 3 or 4 days in Reykjavik (my favourite place is Kex Hostel because it has bar, restaurant, good atmosphere, live music…) and afterwards to rent a car and head to the north or the West Fjords

Ulfur Ulfur Rap Iceland lluvia en Gimly Secret Solstice
Ulfur Ulfur Rap Iceland acostumbrados a la lluvia

I see you guys love cars and races, do you speed in Iceland?



Nei, just driving at the speed limit, 90 km/h


I recommend the north, (they are from Sauðarkrókur, a city of 2500 inhabitants). It´s a beautiful and unspoiled land. We need more tourists in the north

Are you sure do we need more tourists?

(laughs again)


Yest, but all the traffic is in the south and Golden Circle. We need to spread the tourism in the whole country

Yes, indeed, that is a very good point

I was also interviewing the famous rapper in Iceland Blaz Roca and asked them about him

Both at the same time

We love it, Blaz Roca is our father

Interview Ulfur Ulfur Iceland by Jordi Pujolá (@jordipujola), Icelandic Mountain Guides and Secret Solstice

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