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Aron Can interview

Aron Can interview is an article by Jordi Pujolá included on the section La Contra Islandia (interviews to Icelandic and Spanish artists to put in contact both cultures) with the support of Icelandic Mountain Guides and Secret Solstice

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Interview Aron Can


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Biography Aron Can

Aron Can Gultekin is an Icelandic rapper (hip hop) born on the 18th. November 1999, his mother is Icelandic and his father is Turkish, for that reason his skin and hair are darker. He visits his family in Turkey every summer

Traditions Iceland

Aron Can raps only in Icelandic, but he is open to sing in English in the future

Some rappers of the old generation as Blaz Roca (read the interview to the father of rap) put Aron Can in the category of RNB music and probably they are right

Multicultural talented boy

Aron Can started writing songs when he was only ten years old. His mother listened to  Rock & Roll and his father traditional Turkish music

All kind of audience

Aron Can, song writer and singer, he is the most famous rapper in Iceland, his songs are rebellious, romantic and appealing for all kind of audience (parents and children). His songs are all the time on the radio, movies, advertisements… of course he has the best sponsors in Iceland

Aron Can in Spain

I interviewed Aron Can on the backstage of Secret Solstice 2018 after his performance. He was polite, but tired. In the middle of the conversation his friend Gisli Pálmi (the craziest rapper in Iceland) jumped out to his neck and embraced him for 3 minutes

Aron Can interview in Secret Solstice 18 con escritor Jordi Pujolà
Aron Can interview Secret Solstice 2018 por Jordi Pujolà

I asked him a few questions about Spain

He has been only in Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava, Catalunya) and he loves it. His favorite meal was not the Spanish ham, Spanish omelette or paella; it was the pizza that one of the restaurants of the area made

Gisli Pálmi AKA Secret Solstice picture

What is your favorite food in Iceland?

The best food in Iceland for  the rapper Aron Can is pylsa (Icelnadic hot dog), good and cheap

What areas do you recommend to visit in Iceland?

Well, I guess the touristic spots are really nice if you visit Iceland for the first time; however, my favorite place is the Grafarvogur, the neighbourhood where I was born and grew up

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Albums Aron Can

  1. Þekkir Stráginn (2016)
  2. ÍNÓTT (2017)
  3. Trúpíter (2018)

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All of these singers are really popular in Iceland, people stop them on the street to take selfies and signatures. The aim of this blog is to introduce Icelandic artists to Spaniards and vice versa

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Interview Aron Can is an article by Jordi Pujolá with the support of Iceland Rovers and Secret Solstice

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