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Interview rap Iceland JóiPé og Króli

Interview rap Iceland JóiPé og Króli  is an article by Jordi Pujolá, Spanish writer in Iceland with the support of Icelandic Mountain Guides and Iceland Rovers (15% discount promo code ESCRITOR2018)

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Photos by Leana Clothier @vinesunshine

Musica rap Islandia Króli con el público de SecretSolstice 2018
Interview rap Iceland JóiPé og Króli in contact to the audience

This article is part of reportaje Secret Solstice Islandia (link)

Interview rap Iceland JóiPé og Króli

The rap in Iceland is the king (as Arnór Dan from Agent Fresco said, read the interview), especially the Icelandic rap. Above all, Icelanders are very patriotic an don´t have McDonalds nor Starbucks and eat only Icelandic hot dogs (pylsa)

Musica rap Islandia entrevista a JóiPé x Króli Secret Solstice 2018
Interview rap Iceland JóiPé og Króli Secret Solstice 18

Traditions Iceland

Characteristics about Icelandic rappers is youth and talent

Icelandic rap music: JóiPé og Króli

The members of JóiPé og Króli are just only 18 years old, but their songs are on the top of Spotify (please check!). Besides that, they do all the job: writing, performance and production (they are great artists not like Milli Vanilli!)

Interview rap Iceland JóiPé og Króli secret solstice2018
Jói Pé og Króli and Spanish writer Jordi Pujolà

Both adults and teenagers (also children) love JóiPé og Króli

Why? Because they dare to joke about almost everything (the unforgettable mistake of the famous singer Bubbi Morthens spelling BOMBA as B-O-B-A or the taste of President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, for pizza with no pineapple) and they are on the same vibe of the new generation

Musica rap Islandia el rap JóiPé x Króli en Gymly Secret Solstice 18
Interview rap Iceland JóiPé og Króli  Gymly stage

One thing I discovered from interviewing many Icelandic artists for this project La Contra Islandia is they use lots of humour sense and irony (read the aricle to HAM)

I guess it is because the weather

Read about the weather in Iceland (press)

Members JóiPé og Króli Iceland

Both of them sing (the voice of Króli is acute and JóiPé´s is deep)

  • Króli (Kristinn Óli Haraldsson born in  Iceland 2000) he has red long hair and a lot of nice freckles, he moves like Mick Jagger and has very naughty ideas when composing songs

    Musica rap Islandia canciones alegres y con sentido de JóiPé og Króli
    Musica rap Islandia canciones alegres de JóiPé x Króli
  • JóiPé (Jóhannes Damien Patreksson born in Iceland 1999) he is the tallest, has short hair and usually wears sweatshirts with the hood on; he looks quiet and gives balance to the duo. He is in charge of all the production of the band. By the way, his father is the brother of the President of Iceland

    Musica rap Islandia JóiPé x Króli hablando de raperos islandeses
    Rappers Iceland JóiPé x Króli talking about Iceland

Favourite musicians

They are not the first ones talking about the talent of Daði Freyr Pétursson (Eurovision finalist) and also like Landaboi$, however, this last rapper is not as subtle, elegant and popular as them. JóiPé og Króli (also Úlfur Úlfur, read the interview) use more interesting topics on their songs

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About Blaz Roca, the rap father in Islandia

When talking to Blaz Roca he was going to Russia to support the National Team and told me to interview JóiPé og Króli and did so I. He told me they and GKR are the best and I agree.

Read the interview to Blaz Roca, he says the rap nowadays is, in general, less technical and more simple

However, JóiPé og Króli don´t totally agree with that opinion and said the production is very important and remarkable in current rap

JóiPé og Króli in Spain

They went to the typical touristic spots in Spain (Salou in Tarragona), but  they are also fans of Barça and Barcelona (by the way Króli is now in my city, enjoy it!). They like of course the food and excellent weather and the good vibe of the country

Musica rap Islandia entrevista JóiPé og Króli La Contra Islandia
Music rap Iceland interview English JóiPé x Króli photo Leana Clothier

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JóiPé og Króli are nice and polite guys, they are very famous but still have the feet on the ground. In general, young people in Iceland are more mature and independent than in other countries. I think it´s because they grow up in a free environment and the society doesn´t see so many barriers to achieve their dreams

10 curious things about Iceland

The future of Icelandic rappers JóiPé x Króli

Some people say they are too young and they might be just a fashion band, I hope not and I think they will be better and better

Thank you guys! and good luck!

Musica rap Islandia Króli en contacto con el público
Króli and the audience in Secret Solstice 18

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Interview rap Iceland JóiPé og Króli  is an article by the Spanish writer in Iceland Jordi Pujolá with the support of Icelandic Mountain Guides and Iceland Rovers tailor trips (link for more interviews)