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Wine list Iceland

Wine list Iceland, by the Spanish writer Jordi Pujolà

Don´t you know what wine to buy for a special occasion? Do you want to drink an excellent wine without spending a fortune? Skál!

About red wine: No chip wine is good wine, no very expensive one is worth it.

Currently best price quality in Vínbúðin is Campo Viejo Gran Reserva 2012, 2999 Kr.

I have been asked many times for my favourite wine list Iceland and finally I made this:

Wine list Iceland

As all who live in Iceland, I know wine is expensive and making a good choice is more important than in other countries where alcohol taxes are lower. Everyone can buy the most expensive wine in Vínbúðin or a restaurant, but this is not the point.

This is my top ten wine list Iceland in Vínbúðin according price and quality.

Wine list Iceland

  1. La Joya gran reserva Syrah, Chile, red wine. Price 2.589 kr. (with red meat or red tuna).
  2. Corimbo cosecha, Ribera del Duero,2015, Spain, red wine. Price 4.199 kr. (with red meat or red tuna)
  3. Museum Reserva, Cigales, Spain, red wine. Price 2.999 kr. (with red meat or red tuna).
  4. Protos crianza, Ribera del Duero, Spain, red wine. Price 3.299 kr. (with red meat or red tuna) and Protos Reserva 2012. Price 3.999 kr
  5. Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2014, Australia, red wine. Price 4699 kr (with red meat or fresh tuna)
  6. Campo Viejo Gran Reserva, Rioja, red wine. Price 2.999 kr. (with red meat or red tuna)
  7. Jacob´s Creek Chardonnay, Australia, white wine. Price 2.299 kr. (with fish, pasta, paella and seafood)
  8. La Chablisienne Petit Chablis, France, white wine.  Price 2.398 kr. (with fish, pasta, paella and seafood (especially oysters))
  9. Perelada Brut Reserva cava, Price.2321 kr.
  10. Cardenal Mendoza Gran Reserva, brandi (better than cognac, try it and invite me). Price 9.946 kr. (cigars?)


I recommend beer with indian, mexican, pizza and sushi. All the Icelandic beer is very good because the pure water and there are many kinds.

Some tips and difference between young, crianza, reserva and gran reserva wines:

  • Remember every wine has a proper temperature to drink. Please check out the label and use your fridge according to it. White (8-12Cº), red (14-18Cº). The oldest the warmest.
  • Keep your wine always in the fridge and put the cork on again. It can be in good condition up to one week. So don´t hesitate if feel like having just one glass. Remember that a good meal deserves a good wine.
  • If the wine is old (Reserve, big reserve), please open the bottle 1 hour before drink it (at least) and use a decanter if you have one. Old wine needs to breath.
  • Reserve or big reserve can be kept for a long time (watch out for temperature and humidity) and even improve in the bottle.
  • Good wine is healthy and bad wine is poisonous.
  • Don´t buy cheap alcohol for doing cocktails. You will save in health and hangovers.
  • If you compare champagne and cava, cognac or brandi, please compare prices as well. For example, don´t compare a bottle of champagne of 10.000 kr. with a cava´s of 2000 kr. Please, look for a cava of the same price.
  • If you are sensitive to headache from wine, drink only one glass with the main course (never with empty stomach) and drink water as well.
  • Drink, smoke and eat (moderately) because life is short. Skál!

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Wine list Iceland. Top wines in Vínbúdin
Wine list Iceland. The top wine in Iceland according price and quality, by the Spanish writer Jordi Pujolà

  • Cosecha: young wine, any time in the barril.
  • Crianza: 6-12 months in the barril and 2 years in the bottle.
  • Reseva: 1 year in the barril and 3 in the bottle.
  • Gran Reserva: 1,5 years in the barril and 4,5 in the bottle.

Wine list Iceland, by the Spanish writer Jordi Pujolà.

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