VOK Iceland band

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VOK Iceland band

Today in our section La Contra Islandia (project that tries to put in contact Icelandic and Spanish culture), I interview Einar Hrafn Stefánsson, drummer of Vök and Hatari

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The meaning of VOK

Vök means all these Icelandic words that don´t have any translation in other languages because they are special like the Icelandic band Vök

I went to meet Einar at the studio where the Icelandic band Vök finished the album Figure: His studio´s location and its surrounding areas (Vesturbær Reykjavik) helped mold the sound

The XX style made in Iceland

I am a big fan of The XX band, for this reason I liked Vök from the first time when I saw them in concert in a house crowed of people hosted by Sofar Sounds Reykjavik

VÖK Electronic Music

Vök plays high quality electronic music, icy dream-like pop similar to The Weeknd or The XX

Einar collaborated with Vök (Margrét Rán ansd Andri Már) from the beginning (2013). He´s a sound engineer and helped them out with the audio arrangements and he  played with them only on the live shows. However, in 2015, the band asked him to join them permanently because they missed the organic feeling of Einar´s drums

VÖK albums

  1. Tension (2013)
  2. Circles (2016)
  3. Figure (2018)

Hatari band and shows

Did you know that the guy who plays the drums with Hatari, wearing a mask with spikes is Einar? Einar is a handsome guy with a friendly glance, he doesn´t eat meat, but when he performs with Hatari, he turns to a kind of Hannibal Lecter

  • What is different of playing with Vök or Hatari?

Basically Vök is more a band music and Hatari a theatre performance show

  • Do you live exclusively from music?

Not yet, sometimes I work as a sound engineer

  • What is special about playing concerts in Iceland?

When we play in Iceland, we are more relaxed, we are at home

It´s a tradition, I like going as part of the audience, but not to play. The music is not the important issue at these parties

  • What is the best of Iceland?

The fresh air, the easy live

  • Your favourite place?

I recommend Vestmannaeyjar because its history (the volcano erupted at midnight and all the population had to be evacuated) and the landscape, you can see the start and the end in one sight. And also Seyðisfjörður, it´s a paradise, we´ll play in Lunga Festival and introduce some songs of the new album, and the West Fjords

  • Winter or Summer?

Summer even is short (laughing), specially for the light

  • Who makes the videos of the band? they are outstanding

Mostly Magnus Andersen

  • What are your favorite artists writers or painters in Iceland?

I like Hallgrímur Helgasson (read the interview), he´s a clever guy. I also like comics of Hugleikur Dagsson and Lóaboratorium

I haven´t been performing yet but I always go

  • What makes different this festival from others?

The good vibe among the audience, Reykjavik needed a summer festival like that. I love the setting. Airwaves and Sonar are more focus on the artists and Secret Solstice on the entertainment for the public

  • Why Vök doesn´t play this year?

We were on the line up, but unfortunately we cancelled because we are very focus on the new songs and didn´t want to miss a beat. But I´ll go to enjoy the music


  1. Dream Wife (the singer is the Icelandic Rakel Mjöll)
  2. Bjarki (brilliant techno)
  3. Cel7 (rap)
  4. GDRN (smooth voice of Guðrun)
  5. Pink Street Boys
  6. JFDR
  7. Skrattar
  8. Une Misère
  • What is your favourite place to hang out?

Hurra Reykjavik, but I don´t go out too much lately, I have a baby of eight months

  • Do people recognise you when you go out in Reykjavik

Yes, specially if I go with Margrét, she is the face of the band, but mostly the tourists, the Icelanders are discrete and respect for privacy, otherwise Björk wouldn´t life here. In Iceland, she can feel as a normal person

  • Have you ever been to Spain? How did you like it? Do you speak Spanish?
Vok Iceland band Einar the drummer in his studio in Reykajvik

I have been in Madrid long time ago, I would like to go to Barcelona

Interview by Jordi Pujolà, escritor español en Islandia, official press on the Secret Solstice 2018

With the support of Iceland Rovers and Icelandic Mountain Guides